Graynite Style Demo

Table example

TD 1 Way nicer style than a regular HTML table.
There's also a highlighting while hovering above a TD.
TD 2 No class needed, build-in style for TD.
Except one thing! (TD 3) You can use the following classes for text formatting as well:

"table_centre": Centre the text.
"table_right": Make text coming from the right side.

Pre example

This is the usual <pre> tag.
It looks nice if it has been styled probably using CSS3.

It also can be centred.
Using the class "pre_center".

It might be ridiculous but you can also set the text to appear from the right.
Using the class "pre_right".

Text box and button style

Loading animation (pure CSS)

In order to use the loading animation you need this piece of code:

<div id="circleG">
<div id="circleG_1" class="circleG">
<div id="circleG_2" class="circleG">
<div id="circleG_3" class="circleG">